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Event Apps

Interested in event apps? Have a go with our Conference Craft demo app on the left. **Please note, we’ve created ‘The Conference Craft Awards’ just to show you what it can do. Sadly, the awards aren’t a real event… yet!

Utilising an event app in your conference or event is a great way to communicate with your attendees in the run up to, during, and after an event. By utilising Conference Craft’s event app – powered by EventMobi – you can keep your attendees informed of the latest news and updates before the event, enable real time participation during the day, and collect information from surveys after the event. With an endless list of personalisation options and features, you can truly make an event app your own, with options to incorporate your own branding throughout.

Conference Craft is one of the leading event production companies providing event and conference audience engagement technology via a personalised mobile app.

How do event apps work?

Simply provide your attendees with the URL of your app; there’s no need to download your app from an app store, it can be downloaded from a web browser into the cache of the device. Thereafter, they can simply access the app to find all relevant information on your event.

  • Works on all smartphones
  • Works on all tablets and E-readers
  • Works on all computers and laptops
  • Works offline

Access a Wide Range of Event Information

All the event information your attendees require is in one place – add venue information, including maps, directions, floor plans as well as event information such as schedules, documents, speaker and attendee profiles. Attendees can log into the app, adding activities during the day into their own planner, as well as making notes to make it personal to them.


The event app is also an opportunity to generate income, with the option of providing in-app advertising space for sponsors. Your sponsors can also have a dedicated profile about themselves within the app, linking to their website and social media pages.


Documents and electronic handouts can be added to the app for easy access during the event. Real-time alerts can be created to remind attendees to fill in a post-event survey, alert them to a schedule/location change and all other general reminders.

Audience Engagement

We know that events are much more successful when the audience gets involved. We believe that audience engagement is a key to unlocking the potential of your live event, which is why we have incorporated it into the event app. Live polling or audience response systems have been around since the 1960s. As expected, year on year as technology has developed, audience participation in conferences and events has continued to evolve. It’s no surprise that the latest option is the incorporation of audience response systems in attendees’ smartphones or tablets via a means of an event app.

With our particular event app, simple real-time answers can be submitted anonymously or with usernames through personalised surveys of which can be formatted in different styles. Options for answering such as star ratings, checkbox ticking or writing can be selected dependent on the questions you want to ask. See our blog post for more information on the use of audience engagement systems in technical event management.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.