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Audience Engagement & Team Building

Conference Craft stand out amongst event production companies. We don’t just supply you with equipment – we can also provide the entertainment, ideas, themes and content of your conference or event.

As You Like It Productions

The Conference Craft team frequently work together with ‘bespoke event creation’ company As You Like It Productions, well known for their experience in bespoke event production. This great partnership means that Conference Craft customers benefit from a vast range of inspiring and entertaining team building ideas for corporate events.

With a team formed and based on 20 years’ worth of experience, the researchers, writers, directors and performers, undertake a range of entertaining, team building exercises that are designed to meet the event’s exact needs and specifications to make it truly memorable.

As You Like It Production’s main focus is to work with you and get to know exactly who you are. Along with Conference Craft they work with clients to develop entirely fresh concepts or existing ideas through to final delivery with one purpose in mind; an event that delivers on expectation. Typically this could be a simple team building exercise or a more sophisticated activity to address a specific existing weakness that needs improving. As You Like It Production will even collect short anecdotes and nicknames surrounding the delegates in the audience to really personalise and bring humour to the event!

Corporate Team Building Activities

The different team building exercises that are available are clever ways to make the content of your event more engaging. Their main purpose is to encourage communication, as well as conveying relevant messages or any information you are trying to get across to your audience. Much like the live polling through event apps, the delegates are able to participate– but on a whole new level.

One of the main benefits of team building exercises is that delegates are encouraged out of their comfort zone – sometimes scary, yes – but they will achieve a great confidence boost in their own abilities, which will hopefully be transferred back into their job back at the office.

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Popular Teambuilding Entertainment

Murder Mystery

One of the most popular team building event ideas we can provide is a murder mystery theme. Working with As You Like It Productions, we only require a small amount of biographical and company information for you to supply us with. The actors take it from there, with their comedic murder mystery script, they will run a sequence, taking delegates ‘hostage’ on stage and encouraging the audience to work together to find the culprit. The Murder Mystery team building exercise encourages communication and as you would expect, working together as a team.
Some more of the customised events provided have included memorable themes such as:

Award Ceremonies

Planning on handing out awards at your event? Why not have your own glamourous OSCARs style ceremony? A fantastic way to reward those attending the conference

Tribute Show

Have a tribute to a long-serving member of staff? Or maybe you want to pay tribute to your company – either way; this concept is a fun way to show those involved how valued they are.

Catwalk Challenge

This is a team building exercise that focuses on sharing and delegating; working together to design and create clothes out of recycled materials to go on a catwalk runway.

Stage a Musical

Working together as a team to develop your own musical blockbuster to perform in front of the entire audience

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