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Online Collaboration
  Flexible Technology
Utilising your preferred communications platform the Conference Craft Team can integrate cameras, microphones and presentation equipment to pull distanced communication from your conference or boardroom into the same online meeting space.
 The Greater Audience
Your Global Linguist
Live translation of your meeting
or event within video or audio conference calls. Multiple locations and languages simultaneously translated during the same event either remotely, from your office or at the venue of your choice.
 Hybrid meetings bring your message to the live event space and attendees at home or the remote office. Full video and audio communication between the presenters and all audience members help engage and immerse every delegate.
“Your continued support, passion, enthusiasm, and your happy can do, will do approach is contagious. The support you give over and above expectation can’t
be put into words except to say you are a vital cog in the team wheel to the great execution of yet another successful event.
  - GlaxoSmithKline

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