Lighting Hire

Lighting is the vital addition to your conference or event in making it unique and bespoke. Choosing the right lighting for your requirements is an important step, so we offer a large range of lights for hire that are suitable for different environments providing their own unique effects.

Moving Head Intelligent Lighting

For a striking effect, we can provide moving head intelligent lighting for your event. For personalisation we can also produce bespoke Gobos (filters to go over the lenses) of corporate logos, shapes and messages. All of our intelligent lights have multiple moving effects, shapes and colours to suit any event or conference.

moving head lighting

Stage Lighting

Our profile spotlights provide focused, brighter lighting for greater emphasis on a particular area, whereas our stage wash lights are ideal for illuminating a wider area.

stage lighting hire

Led Uplighting

LED Uplighting provides a unique range of bold options for you event. A large range of effects are achievable when used with lighting controls and colours can be tailored to personal preferences with the ability to colour mix.

led stage uplighter rental

Outdoor Lighting

Specifically built for outdoor use, our range of outdoor lights are more robust and designed to cope with any unpredictable weather. Like our range of lights for indoor use, they also offer multiple colour options and effects.

outdoor lighting hire

If you are interested in hiring our lighting equipment for your conference or event, you can call us on 01753 689999 or fill out an enquiry form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you.

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