Lighting Hire


Lighting is a transformative element that plays a pivotal role in crafting a unique experience and enhancing the ambience of many events, including conferences, celebration events, award dinners and more. Choosing the right lighting is a crucial step in transforming ordinary spaces into captivating environments that leave a lasting impression on attendees. 
At Conference Craft, we offer an extensive range of lighting hire options, each carefully curated to suit different environments and create their own distinctive effects.

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Conference Craft’s event lighting hire services allow for creativity and personalisation, enabling event planners to achieve stunning visual effects that align with their event theme and purpose whilst ensuring safety and visibility, especially during evening events.
event lighting hire

For a striking visual impact, our moving head intelligent lighting is the ideal choice. We also offer the option to produce bespoke Gobos (filters that fit over the lenses) featuring corporate logos, shapes, or messages. Our intelligent lighting hire options boast multiple moving effects, shapes and colours, catering to the specific needs of any event or conference.

stage lighting rental

Our profile spotlights provide focused, brilliant lighting to greatly emphasise particular areas, while our stage wash lights are perfect for illuminating larger spaces, stages and backdrops. Many corporate events such as product launches, awards ceremonies and conferences benefit from having a professionally lit stage for presentations and speeches.

LED lighting hire for events and conferences

LED Uplighting introduces a bold and unique range of options for your event. When coupled with lighting controls, it offers a wide array of effects and colour choices can be tailored to match personal preferences through colour mixing.

outdoor event lighting hire

Designed for outdoor use, our outdoor lighting hire options are built to withstand unpredictable weather conditions. Just like our indoor lighting range, they offer multiple colour options and effects, ensuring your outdoor event is visually stunning.

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