Using Audience Engagement Systems in Technical Event Management

Technical event management is taking leaps and bounds into new areas, with technology helping to increase the enjoyment that you can get from your event with Conference Craft. We have a range of audience engagement solutions which can make your event that much more enjoyable for attendees, by giving them the power to be involved in decision making right from their seats! Adding audience engagement systems to your conference can be the difference between attendees feeling that they are watching an event, to feeling that they are truly involved in proceedings.

When you are looking into technical event management, you will often be looking for something new and exciting, to keep your attendees focused and interested throughout the duration. There are a number of new technology options to use for audience engagement systems, and we at Conference Craft feel that we are at the cutting edge of this offering.

How Can Audience Engagement Help My Technical Event Management?

In some cases, you may wish to allow attendees to vote on awards to be given out, to make them feel that not only are they involved in the decision making process, but that they are making that decision whilst they are at the conference, giving a sense of imperativeness to the event. This can make your event a competitive offering, and also means anonymous votes. Each attendee can have a system for this sort of arrangement, or you can have one per table to make an event more competitive. This could be useful in the event of quizzes, to add more fun and audience engagement to your conference.

This also has the added bonus of requiring that each attendee has an electronic name badge, which contains a unique identification chip. This means that you can have a fully paperless registration, to save you time and money, and allows a conference badge to have more of a purpose. Once attendees are logged into the system with these badges, they can send messages from tablets and kiosks around the venue, to add more interaction. This can be like using a twitter hashtag, but personalised for your event, as well as kept private. It can also be used to show the event schedule, so there are incredible benefits to using our technical event management at your next conference.

What Can Conference Craft Do To Help Me?

Each of our event solutions is customised and personalised for your precise needs, so you can be sure to have a bespoke experience. Our technical event management skills mean that we can customise audience engagement to echo your branding, audience and message, so you never feel like you’re just using an anonymous piece of tech.

For great ideas on technical event management, especially audience engagement solutions, why not drop us an email at or call us on 01753 689999 to talk about how Conference Craft can make your event spectacular?