That’s a Wrap on the Babcock Health & Safety Awards

Annnddd… that’s a wrap on the Babcock Health & Safety Awards. It’s always a pleasure working with the Babcock team, and this year was no different.


What Did We Do?

Taking on the role of event manager, we oversaw the production of both the evening and, for the first time, their daytime conference. We utilised our 30 years’ experience, ensuring for the smooth running of the day so that the Babcock team could concentrate on entertaining their audience.

Further to managing the event, we provided the graphics and content for their opening conference video, ensuring for a high quality production that adequately reflected the respected multinational corporation. We also filmed the live event, providing Babcock with material that they can use to increase brand awareness and promote their brand for future audiences.

On top of this, we installed a wide-edge blended set, overlapping two projectors in a multi-screen set up that allows for one solid and high resolution image to be displayed across two screens. By doing this, we created a seamless transition between the two projector screens, ensuring for a high quality aesthetic for the event.