Events In 2022

Event Planning for 2022

In a recent study made on the state of the event industry1, done during Q3 of 2021, 86% reported that they would be comfortable attending a live event. This is, of course, much due to the increased sanitary measures that we’ve now grown accustomed to, which are one of the organisers’ core concerns when choosing a location and a feature that is here to stay for 2022, namely checking vaccination status of requiring negative COVID tests to allow attendance.


However, Hybrid Events have passed the test of time and in fact, offer more than just the odd travel restriction antidote; they are here to stay. Having a combined live/online audience allows for a bigger reach, as you can combine the live audience with an almost unlimited online range of people that wouldn’t consider travelling for a live event but happily attend online. They offer a guarantee that no matter what guideline changes come our way, your event can still go ahead, even if that requires making it 100% virtual on the brink of time.


For more information on our LIVE and HYBRID event support options, visit: https://www.conferencecraft.con/what-we-do/live-hybrid-events/