Making your events accessible

At Conference Craft, we believe that every individual deserves an inclusive and accessible event experience! 

Here’s how you can make your next event a beacon of accessibility:

Safety first: Ensure that all ramps and accessibility features are safe and fit for purpose. 

Accessible venues: Select venues with wheelchair ramps, elevators and other accessibility features. Remember to share venue accessibility details with attendees beforehand.

Seating sensibility: Arrange seating to accommodate diverse mobility needs. Consider designated areas for service animals if applicable.

Sensory considerations: Recognise and address sensory sensitivities by offering quiet zones or providing noise-cancelling headphones.

Inclusive materials: Print event materials in a readable font, and use high-contrast colours to enhance readability for individuals with visual impairments.

Communication is key

Set the tone: Communicate a commitment to accessibility from the get-go. Include accessibility information in event promotions and registration materials.

Accessibility liaison: Designate a point of contact for accessibility concerns. Encourage attendees with specific needs to reach out, ensuring a personalised and inclusive experience.

Post-event feedback: Collect feedback on the accessibility of your events to continuously improve and refine your practices.

Let’s make every event a celebration of diversity, ensuring that ALL participants feel seen, heard, and welcomed! 

Need help making an upcoming event or conference more accessible? Get in touch: