Babcock Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony

Babcock Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony with screens on the back wall and round tables with tall flower arrangements, chairs with fabric sashes, showing an example of corporate event production.

Building on the success of the previous years event, Babcock called Conference Craft to supply services for their Annual Health and Safety Conference and Safety Excellence Awards. A three-screen backdrop was used to display the awards content and included live camera, graphics from three MacBook pro computers and Vox Pops video clips. LED uplighters highlighted the room and set whilst moving head effects gave it the WOW effect for the winners walk up. Generic lighting lit the stage area and a winner’s runway up to the stage. A Perspex lectern and awards table finished the look whilst the stage for the day had to incorporate a ramp for disabled access for the guest speaker and had to be removed and the stage reconfigured for the evening awards.