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Technical Event Production

Whether this is your first event, or you’ve organized a few, an event that captures the imagination requires hard work, good planning and a creative spark. We understand that managing events of any size can be a daunting experience, especially when it comes to the technical event production.

Do You Need a Technical Events Partner?

With Conference Craft as part your team, you can leave the elements of technical event production to experienced professionals and rest assured that we have thought of everything. As a progressive technical event management company, we always keep ourselves up-to-date with new and emerging technologies, attending innovative trade shows throughout Europe to keep inspired and get our hands on the latest equipment.

Our team will…

  • Install your equipment
  • Work as your technical event partner and integrate with your own team
  • Provide creative solutions
  • Offer full technical event services and support at the venue

We encourage our clients to think of us as partners working towards the same goal – staging an event to remember!

Technical Equipment and Services for Your Event

When planning your event, there are various technical options that have to be considered:

Lighting Equipment

Lighting your event is about more than just staying out of the dark. A creative professional lighting setup can turn a corporate conference into an atmospheric and exciting event. We have a wide selection of lighting equipment available and we provide tailored technical support, from the initial lighting design to the light operation during your event.

Find out more about our extensive range of Lighting Equipment.

Sound and Audio Equipment

From music to speeches, you want your sound clear and crisp, with the perfect volume for the occasion and a technical support team who understand acoustics. The range and capabilities of our sound equipment allows us to cater for events of all sizes and types. We can advise you at the early stages as to the best sound design to suit your event and provide specialist AV equipment. On the day, our  expert team can handle the operation of all of the microphones, mixers and speakers.

See our Audio Hire page for more information on the range of equipment we can provide.

Video & Projection systems

Many of our clients find that the use of varied multimedia can help to reinforce a message. The impact of a great presentation can be dampened without a suitable video or projection system. Our expertise in video systems allows us to find creative solutions to challenging configurations and we’re happy to advise you on the best setup for your event.

See our Projection and Display Hire page for more information on our equipment.

Video Streaming & Live Feeds

In recent years, there has been a high demand for live video linking, live streaming and similar technologies designed to connect your event to the wider world.

For big screens, our experts can ensure live filmed images are mixed to highly professional standards for a perfect result, as seen at MCM London Comic Con. With virtual reality and augmented reality making its way into the events industry, Conference Craft can also provide technical support for integration of VR into your event.

See our Video and Live Streaming page for more information on live feed equipment and streaming services we offer.

How much will my event cost?

Our Brief Us page includes most of the common considerations for managing the technical side of an event. Fill out the short form and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Conference Craft can help with all aspects of technical event production (those listed here plus many more) as well as being an enthusiastic and helpful partner to help make your event exciting and memorable. For more information about our technical event production services, fill out the Quick Enquiry form at the bottom of the page, or call us on 01753 689999.

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